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Veneer Cuts

Veneer Cuts

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Flat Cut Veneer

Flat Cut

In this method, the log is first sawn in half. Each half in turn is mounted so that it moves up and down against the knife. The slicing is parallel to the center line and at a tangent to the growth rings in the tree.
Quarter Cut Veneer

Quarter Cut

Veneer of this type is produced from logs which have been sawn into quarters. Each quarter contacts the blade at right angles to the growth rings. This yields a striped veneer pattern.
Rift Cut Veneer

Rift Cut

Rift cut veneer is produced in the various species of Oak. Oak has medullary ray cells which radiate from the center of the log like the curved spokes of a wheel. The rift or comb grain effect is obtained by cutting at a 15% angle off the quartered position to avoid the flake figure of the medullary rays.
Rotary Cut Veneer

Rotary Cut

The log is mounted in the lathe and turned against a razor sharp blade, like unwinding a roll of paper. Since this cut follows the log's annular growth rings, a bold variegated grain marking is produced.

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