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CAA Premium Custom A Architectural, narrow heart, very limited sugar, gum, figure, and pin knots

CA Custom A Narrow heart, mild grain, some figure, sugar, gum, and pin knots

DA Desk A Mild to bold or flowery grain patterns

AA AA Grade Per HPVA 2000 Standards

A A Grade Per HPVA 2000 Standards

B B Grade Per HPVA 2000 Standards

1 #1 Back Plain sliced or quarter sliced, matching specified per HPVA 2000 Standards

2 #2 Back Plain sliced or quarter sliced, per HPVA 2000 Standards

3 #3 Back Plain sliced or quarter sliced, solid per HPVA 2000 Standards (repaired if specified)

4S #4 Back Unrepaired splits, knots, sap, and wood decay

4R #4 Back Lowest grade backer -- reject with large open defects

Special Matching

SMSlip MatchedCommonly used with rift and quartered

BMBook MatchedCommonly used with plain sliced or flat cut

PMPlank MatchedCommonly used with plain sliced, knotty wood

EMEnd MatchedPanels matched at the butt end

CMCenter MatchedPanels made with even number of components

Balance MatchedPanels made with components of the same width

Sequence & NumberPanels numbered in sequential order


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