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Hardboard: FSC Temperboard (1/8" and 3/16" Thick)

Solid Lumber: Alder

Urea Formaldehyde Free Sky Blend PBC

Arreis MDF

Medite II MDF

Medex MDF

Pyroblock - Fire Rated MDF

Extira MDF

type 1 Veneer core


Wheat Board

MDF: Industrial Grade
Molding Grade
Ultra Light
FSC Certified
Arreis - Formaldehyde Free
Medite II - Formaldehyde Free
Medex - Moisture Resistant and Formaldehyde Free
Class A Fire Rated
Pyroblock Post Treated Class A Fire Rated
Melamine Backed
Extira - Moisture, Rot and Termite Resistant

PBC: Industrial Grade

Commercial Grade

FCS Certified

Sky Blend - Urea Formaldehyde Free

Class A Fire Rated

Melamine Backed

Arreis - NAUF

Veneer Core: All Tropical Veneer Type I
All Tropical Veneer Type II
Eleven and Thirteen Ply White Woods Type FSC Certified

Strawboard: Isoboard, Formaldehyde Free

Wheatboard: Formaldehyde Free

Duocore: Poplar Venueer Core with MDF Crossbands

Lauan Veneer Core with MDF Crossbands

Birch Veneer Core with MDF Crossbands

Is a custom made core, constructed with a 7-ply 1/16" veneer core center, of either Poplar, Lauan, or Birch, cross-banded with 3.2mm MDF. This special combination provides a core with superior smoothness and a premium surface for lay-up of the face and back due to the crossbands. Duocore is an excellent substrate for machining and sanding. Poplar and Birch core with MDF crossbands available with NAUF.


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