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Architectural Paneling

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Architectural Paneling

Hand Selection

Wood veneers are selected for blueprint specifications to match in color and character for the desired project. Then they are carefully assembled to provide the most pleasing appearance for fixture manufacturing or wall paneling; thus achieving the desired beauty that architects and designers prefer over other materials. The natural characteristics of wood make it attractive to the eye when veneers are carefully selected for individual projects.

Paneling Projects
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Blueprint Matched Panels and Components

This method of panel matching achieves maximum grain continuity since all panels, doors, and other veneered components are made to the exact veneer sequence. If possible, flitches will be selected that will yield sufficient veneer to complete a prescribed area or room. If more than one flitch is required, the transition should be accomplished at the least noticeable location. This panel matching method is more expensive, but does express veneering in its most impressive manner.

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