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Furniture Plywood

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Furniture Plywood

Veneer Manufacturing For Wood Furniture

Sliced and rotary cut veneers are purchased in various grades from veneer slicing companies throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia for specific uses and applications in both the residential and commercial furniture industries.

Veneers are graded to provide the most pleasing use of color, character, and desirable appearance. Veneers are purchased and stored in our warehouses to be available as needed for "just in time" shipment to our customers.

Furniture Projects
We create furniture plywood to be used in the manufacturing of desk tops, end panels, modesty panels, drawer fronts and bending panels.
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Veneers are joined using one of our five Kuper FLI machines, offering the best splice joint possible.

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We created the furniture plywood for over 300 office furniture cubicals to be assembled in California and used in New York.

Furniture Plywood
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