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Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of Custody Certification

Scientific Certification Systems - Forestry Since 1999, Western Panel has maintained a chain-of-custody certification by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). SCS is accredited by the international Forest Stewardship Council to independently certify "well-managed" forests, as well as companies that handle wood products from those sources. You can read more about SCS at the Scientific Certification Systems' website

Product Tracking

Chain-of-custody certification means that a manufacturer, distributor or retailer has earned the right to label wood products as originating from a certified forest. To be able to make this claim, a company must go through a process to demonstrate its ability to track certified products and keep them separate from uncertified products.

Forestry Protection

SCS certification communicates to the consumer that products are from forests that are managed to preserve or restore the forest ecosystems, protect wildlife habitats, and bring socioeconomic benefits to surrounding communities.

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