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Our Inventory Core Construction

Our Inventory Core Construction

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Veneer Core Construction

Veneer Core

We offer one of the industry's finest veneer cores, manufactured from lauan crossbands and providing a more solid innerply.
Particleboard Core Construction

Particleboard Core

Our specially engineered particleboard core provides a uniformly flat and exceptionally solid panel with greater dimensional stability, good screw-holding power and a longer service life for a wide range of applications.
MDF Core Construction

MDF Core

Our medium density fiberboard core is highly machinable and resists chip-out and warping. It provides an exceptionally smooth service with excellent screw-holding power and dimensional stability.
Duocore Core Construction


DUOCORE is a custom made core, constructed with a 5-ply veneer core center, cross-banded with 1/16" Lebonite or MDF. This special combination provides a core with superior smoothness and a premium surface for lay-up of the face and back due to the cross-bands. DUOCORE is an excellent substrata for machining and sanding.

Veneer Core Particleboard Core MDF Core
Density(lb./cu.ft.) 29 43 48.5
MOR 4,467 psi 3,716 psi 4,634 psi
MOE 543 Kpsi 443 Kpsi 508 Kpsi
Screwholding Power
Face 331 317 328
Edge 226 170 351
Weight/Thousand 1,850 lbs. 2,800 lbs. 3,100 lbs.

Company Profile

Company Profile

A Very Unique Source

Founded in 1985, Western Panel Manufacturing is an independently owned, diversified company with a wide raw material base and a very personalized sales operation.

Our unique operation allows us to meet your needs quickly with the ultimate goal of quality in mind. Our market includes architectural users; as well as desk, kitchen cabinet, door, and residential furniture manufacturers. Our products require the use of custom veneers of premium quality and include special sizes that are not readily available from the larger commodity hardwood plywood mills.

Learn more about our products:

We select all of our veneers and compose our own faces. We also stock a large selection of core that can be cut to any size needed. Our finish sanding department offers selective sanding options with the use of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Quality and Service: Above and Beyond

Our knowledgeable staff has a very diversified range of skills and many years of experience in the industry.

Our success is due to our commitment to meet or exceed our customer's high expectation for consistent quality and service, from the selection of veneers to the actual lay up of the plywood and shipment of your special project.


Western Panel is located close to several main arterial roadways allowing convenient access for shipping. Shipments can also be made in conjunction with other nearby hardwood plywood mills and providers of specialty and commodity products.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our Manufacturing Capabilities
Our unique operation allows us to meet your needs quickly with the ultimate goal of quality in mind. We have the capabilities to create custom plywood in special sizes that are not readily available from the larger commodity hardwood plywood mills. Read more about our manufacturing capabilities below.

Panel Pressing

We utilize four single-opening, flow through press lines, with lay-up and inspection tables for pressing panels up to 60" x 162" and up to 2 3/4" thick. We also use one double-opening flow through press for pressing panels 48" x 96" and up to 2" thick.
Our Products
Our market niche serves architectural users, as well as desk, kitchen cabinet, door and residential furniture manufacturers. Learn more about...
Architectural Paneling
Furniture Plywood
Stock Panels
Door Skins
Custom Cabinet Packages

Panel Sizing

We have two double-end tennenor saws equipped with scoring blades and detailing heads, and one 14' beam saw.

Panel Sanding

We utilize 4' and 5' wide belt sanders for sanding our plywood. Two of these sanders are state-of-the-art, with segmented platens for controlled sanding configurations. Also available are two cross-grain sanders for sanding panels up to 5' wide, such as modesty panels and counter fronts.


Our panels are packaged on solid pallets securly banded and wrapped in plastic for protection. We can also package for LTL shipments.

Architectural Paneling

Architectural Paneling

Hand Selection

Wood veneers are selected for blueprint specifications to match in color and character for the desired project. Then they are carefully assembled to provide the most pleasing appearance for fixture manufacturing or wall paneling; thus achieving the desired beauty that architects and designers prefer over other materials. The natural characteristics of wood make it attractive to the eye when veneers are carefully selected for individual projects.

Paneling Projects
We have a wide range of architectual paneling capabilities.
Learn about our manufacturing capabilities
View architectural paneling project list
View glossary of wood terms

Blueprint Matched Panels and Components

This method of panel matching achieves maximum grain continuity since all panels, doors, and other veneered components are made to the exact veneer sequence. If possible, flitches will be selected that will yield sufficient veneer to complete a prescribed area or room. If more than one flitch is required, the transition should be accomplished at the least noticeable location. This panel matching method is more expensive, but does express veneering in its most impressive manner.

Furniture Plywood

Furniture Plywood

Veneer Manufacturing For Wood Furniture

Sliced and rotary cut veneers are purchased in various grades from veneer slicing companies throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia for specific uses and applications in both the residential and commercial furniture industries.

Veneers are graded to provide the most pleasing use of color, character, and desirable appearance. Veneers are purchased and stored in our warehouses to be available as needed for "just in time" shipment to our customers.

Furniture Projects
We create furniture plywood to be used in the manufacturing of desk tops, end panels, modesty panels, drawer fronts and bending panels.
View our furniture veneer grades
View furniture project list
View glossary of wood terms
Veneers are joined using one of our five Kuper FLI machines, offering the best splice joint possible.

Furniture Plywood View larger photo
We created the furniture plywood for over 300 office furniture cubicals to be assembled in California and used in New York.

Furniture Plywood
View larger photo

Custom Cabinet Packages

Custom Cabinet Packages

Material is carefully packaged to assure that it will be received without damage.

To address the needs of our cabinet manufacturing customers, we have developed a package that offers plywood in core type and thickness either from the same flitch or multiple flitches that have been selected for color and grain pattern. This assures that all aspects of each project will have a consistent visual appearance when completed. Any quantities can be purchased in any thickness and variety of core type no minimums all in one package. Cabinet packages are available in two grades - Western Panel Premium AA (AWI-Premium) and Western Panel A (HPVA-AA).

Manufacturing Capabilities

We operate five of the most modern veneer splicing machines available at this time, making it possible to join veneers with an invisible splice joint ... no white glue lines.

The Cabinet Package

  • 2/32 Wood on Wood
  • 5.2 & 1/4 Door Panels
  • Melamine/Veneer
  • Birch Ply Veneered
  • Poplar Ply Veneered
  • MDF Veneered
  • PBC Veneered
  • Combination Core Veneered (using Birch or Poplar Ply with MDF Crossbands)

Stock Panels

Stock Panels

Panel Uses

Stock panels are plywood products most often used for kitchen cabinets and many types of production furniture. The manufacturing process for stock panels is continuous, which allows the products to be generally sold in large volumes at competitive prices.

Special Species for Custom Projects

Western Panel also specializes in the manufacturing of less common species that require a more precise manufacturing process due to the thickness, or the matching of the veneers.

Custom Cabinet Packages

We believe that every custom cabinet shop should be capable of manufacturing custom and architectural grade cabinets without having to over-purchase required materials.

Stock Panel Projects
Western Panel manufactures hardwood plywood utilizing particleboard (PBC), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and veneer core for innerplys; however, PBC and MDF are the two most commonly used materials.
View stock cores available
View our stock panel projects
View core construction
View glossary of wood terms

High Quality Construction

The veneer core panels are constructed using an imported solid core, and are pre-sanded prior to overlaying the outer veneers. This keeps the veneer very flat and is less likely to allow the innerply to become visible after the finishing process.

The PBC and MDF cores are industrial grade, which is the best quality of the several different grades available. Moisture resistant and fire-rated cores are also available.

Door Skins

Door Skins

Example of Stile & Rail,
Flat Panel Door

Flush Doors

We offer Architectural and AWI Premium Grade:

  • 2 and 3 ply doorskins
  • Sequence matching, pair matching and blueprint matching into wall panel systems
  • Cores of wood or composite including MDF, and Lebonite
  • FSC certified is available

Stile & Rail Doors

Flat panels for Stile Rail Door:

  • 3 Ply
  • MDF
  • Medex core where applicable for 1/8 to 3/4 inch thickness

Contact Western Panel

Contact Western Panel

You can reach us by phone at 1-800-237-2812, or fill out our contact form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of Custody Certification

Scientific Certification Systems - Forestry Since 1999, Western Panel has maintained a chain-of-custody certification by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). SCS is accredited by the international Forest Stewardship Council to independently certify "well-managed" forests, as well as companies that handle wood products from those sources. You can read more about SCS at the Scientific Certification Systems' website

Product Tracking

Chain-of-custody certification means that a manufacturer, distributor or retailer has earned the right to label wood products as originating from a certified forest. To be able to make this claim, a company must go through a process to demonstrate its ability to track certified products and keep them separate from uncertified products.

Forestry Protection

SCS certification communicates to the consumer that products are from forests that are managed to preserve or restore the forest ecosystems, protect wildlife habitats, and bring socioeconomic benefits to surrounding communities.


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