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CAA Premium Grade:
Generally used for conference tabletops, desktops, doors, and other highly visible areas. Characteristics are narrow heart, excellent color, mild grain, straight grain, and narrow heart with cathedrals.

Has very little gum, figure, and pin knots.

Has very little worm track, uniform white in color, and no figure.

CA Used for desktops and doors (most common species).
Characteristics are mild grain, good color, limited figure, gum, worm track, pin knots, and hearts with straight grain.
DA Used for modesty panels, end panels, and fronts (where panels do not get direct eye contact.)
A Generally used for panels that are not visible, such as: shelves, internal dividers, and partitions. Grain will meet HPVA standards for pin knots, gum, mineral, worm track, color and any other specific specie requirements.

B Usually used for the back of shelves, end panels, doors, and internal parts on case goods. It will only meet HPVA grade requirements, unless otherwise specified by the customer.


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